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Emergency Continuity of Belief 


3D printer plastic, acetate, porcelain sink, cardboard box, pump 

installation dimensions: 20cm x 16cm x 42cm


The motivation for this work came from the commodification of apocalyptic fantasies and the idea that the salvation of the individual in a time of catastrophe can be a vendible commodity. ECOB is inspired by the prepper community and the detailed plans for the continuity of government in the case of nuclear war; which both trade in the false belief that one should survive catastrophe through preparation rather then preventing disaster in the first place. The work also plays off the ideas around confirmation bias, in that people are often unable to alter deeply held beliefs that would jeopardize their unified sense of self. ECOB is a device that serves to reinforce pre-existing belief systems, which is to say: shut out contradictory facts, place a box on your head, and curl up into a ball on the floor. The only thing you need to run this device in a world without power is your precious and finite freshwater supply.  

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